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Libon interiors is a top interior design company in Cairo, Egypt. In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, when completing interior design projects, we are the best among the list of interior design agency in Cairo. Algedra is a full-service interior design company providing luxury interior design and home decor services.

Our services include interior design, architecture, landscape and fit-outs for both residential and commercial units. Our team of esteemed interior designers and decorators has earned a reputation for transforming mundane spaces into style powerhouses. Based on years of local and international experience, we have developed a process to provide our clients with a seamless experience when designing their homes, townhouses and villas.

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Libon was a 5th-century BC architect of Ancient Greece. Born in Elis, he built the Doric Temple of Zeus at Olympia in about 460 BC. Libon, through his work on the Temple, is said to have inspired the technique and design of the Parthenon on the Athenian Acropolis – though this was obviously later and more perfected.

Libon Interiors specializes in excellent interior designing services and solutions that combine creative space planning, interior design and project management for all types of residential and commercial interior projects throughout Egypt and globally.

Libon’s team of professional interior designers, interior architects, and talented craftsmen provide a personalized interior design service to create driven, luxury interiors that perfectly suit their context, the clients’ needs and will stand the test of time. We deliver projects on time and within the budget and we aim to build an everlasting relationship with our clients.